Governing Board

Assoc. Prof.Dr. PHAM DUY HOA


- Managing generally and directly affairs in Human resource,   Emulation and Rewards, Politics, Information and Communication, National Defence, developing Ha Nam Experimental Training Premises, finance and international cooperation.

- Being in charge of Office of Human Resource Management, Office of Administration, Center for International Cooperation Center for Education and Consultancy, Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of National Defence Education, Office of Information and Communication, Office of Inspection and Legislation.

Assoc. Prof.Dr. PHAM XUAN ANH

Vice rector

- Managing affairs in undergraduate academic training, training inspection, testing and training quality assurance, curriculum materials, students, unions and other assignments by the rector

- Being in charge of Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Office of Polical and Student Affairs, Office of Inspection, Legislation and Quality Assuarance, Office of Information,Academic Materials and Library, Center for Continuing Education, Program of Vietnamese Excellent Engineers (PFIEV) and Department of Physical Education


Vice Rector

- Managing Science and Technology Research and Technology Transfer, Graduate Training and other assignments by the rector.

- Being in charge of Office of Science and Technology Research, Graduate School, Science and Technology research units, Consultancy Limited Company of NUCE.



Vice Rector

- Managing affairs in finance, facilities, security, social evil prevention, flood prevention, fire prevention, service activities and other assignments by the rector.

- Being in charge of Finance Office, Office of Facilities management, Office of Security, Health care Office, Dormitory Management Board, Project Management Board and Investment Management Office.



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