Manulife Vietnam to give away 6000 of face masks and sanitizers to NUCE

On March 25, NUCE Youth Union was delivered 6000 of face masks and sanitizers by Manulife Corporation in ERH Nam Vu area. This merciful donation aims to aid NUCE in an effort to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

In response to the notice calling up people to stand together to prevent the development of severe acute respiratory infection caused by a novel coronavirus so-called Covid-19, Manulife Insurance Vietnam together with Hanoi Youth Union hold a campaign to give away face masks and sanitizers to universities and colleges within Hanoi area.

Manulife Vietnam highly appreciates the credential of NUCE training talented and passionate human. Being able to accompany with NUCE and its trainees in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic by providing meaningful materials is an honor of the corporation. 

With respect to the practical assistance of Manulife, NUCE assesses this support do not merely mean to show humanism in action, to provide divisions and members of the Youth Union with materials to help keep people from the disease, but also help spread the message of social responsibility to businessmen, enterprises to the society. NUCE sincerely thanks Manulife for its donation and expects that there will have more worthwhile coordination between two parties down the road.