The National University of Civil Engineering participated in 2018 Admission and Vocation Counseling Day

On Sunday March 11th 2018, the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) participated in 2018 Admission and Vocation Counseling Day that took place on campus of Hanoi University of Science and Technology along with 85 universities, colleges and vocational schools in Hanoi. There were over 150 information stalls at the event.

This was the 16th time of the annual consecutive Admission and Vocation Program initiated and organized by the Youth Newspaper and the 8th time in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training, Hanoi Department of Education and Training and Hanoi University of Science and Technology. This event was held to help high school pupils and their parents get to know the latest information on this year’s student intake, as well as the specific requirements of the examination, specializations and instructions, so that the prospective students could make right options for study programs and universities that would match them and their abilities best.

The Day was open from 8 am to 4:30 pm. At the event, pupils, parents and teachers had a chance to be provided with the latest information on admission conditions, study environment and job opportunities in each study area. Particularly interesting were two counseling sessions at the event: the morning session from 08:45 to 11:30 and the afternoon session from 13:30 to 16:30. In each session, there were three areas divided into subject groups: Group of Natural Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Pharmacology and Foreign Languages; Group of Economics, Journalism, Social Sciences and Humanities, Police, Army and Vocational schools; Group of Vocational Education and Option for Future Careers.

Counselors included experts from the Ministry of Education and Training, General Department of Vocational Education (the Ministry of Labor, the Invalids and Social Affairs), professional and admission specialists from the Police and Army universities and colleges. They would advise pupils how to choose the right study programs for their future careers and the other universities and colleges provided information on various study programs. At the end of each session, participants could meet face to face the members of counseling committee and got useful advice from the experts.

Especially in the area “Vocational Education and Option for Future Careers”, psychologists and vocational counselors told pupils how to fill in multiple choice test forms to know what kind of job would be appropriate for them in the future. Alternatively, they could attend one-to-one counseling program (one counselor talked with one pupil). The pupils could listen to what the others shared and the problems that the pupils encountered while choosing their future careers and preparing for an important examination in their lives.

Hanoi Department of Education and Training issued an official document and asked all the high schools in Hanoi to announce the Day to a greater number of high school pupils, so that they could attend the event. Many principals advised junior pupils (Class 10 and Class 11) to attend the event, because that was also a good opportunity for them to obtain reliable information that would later help them review their knowledge, take the examination and gain admission.

In 2018, the NUCE participated in the Admission and Vocation Counseling Day for the third time organized by the Youth Newspaper. The program was well prepared, from designing the NUCE stall to counseling the prospective students. The counselor had been trained carefully to answer any questions and enquiries regarding the admission procedure of the University, study programs, entrance test results in recent years, job opportunities, etc. that interested pupils and their parents might put forward. The counseling session attracted a large number of participants.

The NUCE Admission and Counseling Stall at the event

Booklet “Admission Information for 2018” published by the NUCE

The NUCE Counselors gave advice to prospective students

The 2018 Admission and Counseling Day was a great success with nearly 15,000 participants from Hanoi and other neighboring provinces coming to collect information on various training programs and specializations offered by institutions. The NUCE Stall welcomed many prospective students and their parents during the event.

The 2018 Student Intake was approaching. Hopefully the pupils had received useful information before a very important examination in their lives – the entrance into universities and colleges. They should get ready for a bright future and become qualified graduates, making substantial contributions to the development of the country

Trang Ninh – Department of Information and Communication