Seminar on Advantages of Steel Structures in Constructing High-rise Buildings

On the 14 th September 2018, National of University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) and JFE Steel Corporation co-organized the seminar on “Advantages of Steel Structures in Constructing High-rise Buildings” in collaboration with NIKKEN SEKKEI Ltd., Japan.

The Seminar was attended by Prof. Phan Quang Minh – Vice-Rector of NUCE; Mr. Takeshi Ishizama – Head of Department of Business Development and Construction Materials, JFE Steel Corporation; besides, there were representatives from many enterprises, experts and researchers from Vietnam and abroad, lecturers and students of NUCE.

Overview of the seminar

Delivering opening speech, Prof. Phan Quang Minh – Vice-Rector of NUCE welcomed all participants and thanked to JFE Steel Corporation and NIKKEN SEKKEI Ltd. for supporting and contributing to the seminar. Prof. Phan Quang Minh indicated that this year celebrated the 45-year anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and Japan, the cooperation between JFE and NUCE enhanced close relationship among two countries, especially in construction education and research. Prof. Phan Quang Minh believed that the seminar would bring a variety of benefits to engineer and experts in steel structure area.

Prof. Phan Quang Minh – Vice-Rector of NUCE delivers his opening speech

At the seminar, Mr. Takeshi Ishizama – Head of the Department of Business Development and Construction Materials, JFE Steel Corporation, believed that the insight about advantage of steel structure shall help experts and engineers understand and execute more application of steel in construction project in Vietnam. Mr. Takeshi Ishizama hoped that more contribution to Vietnamese construction market and steel business would be made by thus seminar.

Mr. Takeshi Ishizama – Department of Business Development and Construction Materials, JFE Steel Corporation delivers his speech

During the meeting, experts from Vietnam and Japan introduced the advantages of steel structure in design and construction works of high-rise buildings and shared their practical experiences about application of steel structure in construction head to sustainability.

This seminar was an opportunity for the stakeholders to exchange, contact and connect to each other. In particular, Vietnam engineers and researchers shall gain more experiences in applying steel structure in construction and also learn new technology from Japanese advanced products.