Signing ceremony of Cooperation agreement between NUCE and Water businesses - A leap of practicalizing the novel training scheme regarding CDIO approach

On January 3, 2020, at the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) solemnly happened the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between NUCE and 15 Water-related enterprises. This agreement is a leap of practicalizing the novel training scheme under the CDIO approach of NUCE.

Attending the ceremony, on behalf of the guests were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien - Vice Chairman and General Secretary of Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association; Assoc.Prof. Ung Quoc Dung - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (Vietnam WSSA); along with representatives of 15 water supply and drainage enterprises. Representatives of NUCE were Assoc.Prof. Dr. Pham Duy Hoa - Rector; Dr. Pham Tuan Hung - Head of Testing and Quality Control Department; Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Thi Viet Nga - Dean of Environmental Engineering; Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Anh - Head of Department of Water Supply and Sewerage; together with representatives of Departments, Divisions, Boards and teachers' generations of the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage.

The ceremony is taken place at the beginning of the new term-time working of NUCE's leaders and on the occasion of the 53rd celebration of Water Supply and Sewerage Department establishment (4/1/1976 -4/1/2020). Having been formed and developing over the past 53 years, WSS department has asserted its powerful position compared to other counterparts in NUCE. Its credential is observed both at regional and global levels in terms of training courses, scientific researches, digital transformation in the Water Engineering, infrastructure and environment areas. Moreover, WSS has built up a concrete and effective relationship with enterprises for years.

The related parties participating in the ceremony are successful giants in consulting, construction, equipment trading, pure water production and supplement, sewerage management such as Hanoi Clean Water One member Co. Ltd, Hai Phong Water Supply JSC, Hai Duong Clean Water Supply JSC, Quang Ninh Clean Water JSC, Hanoi Clean Water JSC no. 2, Bac Ninh Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment JSC, VIWASEEN, VIWASE, VCC, VUCICO, WATERCO, VINSE, INTEC, SCDI, INNO. All the above corporations have accompanied with Water department of NUCE for long in organizing internships, scholarships awarding, visiting lecturers, recruitment, research collaboration, and so on. 

Assoc. Pro. Dr. Hoa Pham stressed on the significant importance of NUCE - State enterprises collaboration, kicked off by signing this cooperation agreement to 15 enterprises. This goal is in line with NUCE's strategy in practicalizing the approaching and training method under CDIO, improve training quality with program outcome standards to meet the actual need, enable has-just-graduated engineers to have a job. In the context of globalization and industrial revolution 4.0, applying CDIO into engineer-related training programs is taken into account as an up-to-the-art approach, tried by myriads of qualified universities over the world. CDIO approach is featured by a close-knit relationship between tertiary institutions and businesses in training, scientific research and digital transformation.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Duy Hoa addressed at the ceremony

The cooperation agreement is composed of a bulk of contents which stresses on boosting professional activities systematically and dimensionally to meet the recruitment need, improving training quality and scientific research, digital transformation, effectively exploiting potentials, forces and strength regarding qualification, technology, material facilities, etc. contributing to the sustainable development of the two parties in particular and Vietnam WSS in general. Vietnam WSSA took the role of a witness by presenting at the ceremony. All the appendixes of the agreement which detailizes partnership activities and implement plans are also signed between WSS department and company individually.

Overview of the signing ceremony between NUCE and enterprises

Partners of NUCE with respect to the Water industry

Overview of the appendixes signing between WSS department and Enterprise

This ceremony is partially a series of activities that the WSS department of NUCE carried out with an aim to improve the training quality of the Water Department. WSS department proactively proposed the CDIO application into the training program and together with NUCE boost this implement with the outcome standards meets the requirement of recruiters. On December 10, WSS department together with VUCICO company hold a seminar of "Application of 4.0 technology into Water management in urban areas" and get huge attention from lecturers, graduates, Water Supply and Sewerage enterprises to share the improvement in water treatment, water losing and flood management technologies. Following the seminar organized a talkshow with enterprises in WSS training program innovation. The 15 participating enterprises then shared insightful opinions about the importance, contents and requirements of knowledge, skills and attitude of engineers working in the related area which help NUCE form an appropriate curriculum as practically as possible to enable graduates to find a job immediately. Accordingly, there observes a great consensus of training method in the signing ceremony which prefers practical experiences at enterprises rather than long theoretical lessons, enhance skills training, systematicality and logical thinking as well as professional ethics.

Application of 4.0 technology into Water management in urban areas seminar

The seminar attracted a host of lectures, undergrads and enterprises

A hectic discussion among businesses

Students raised their opinion

Delegates took photos at the seminar

Delegates took photos at the seminar

Enterprises voiced their opinion at the talk show of Water training program innovation

15 Water enterprises together with NUCE joined in the talkshow 

With regards to the professional experience, understanding of the labor market and responsibility for the training mission, the presence of enterprises plays a key role in the success of the WSS training program innovation of NUCE. Vietnam is observed to encounter problems in water engineering, infrastructure and environment sectors requiring a huge human resource. Having offered updated training program including credit reduction (150 credits/ 4.5 years), practice enhancement, career instruction since the very first year of studying, attentive expertise coaches, great enterprises network, NUCE believed that the number of students interested in this subject will increase further, those are trained to become "excellent, experienced, innovative and passionate" engineers in Water Engineering and Environment.